Injecting operational execution excellence

Insourced in your management team, Passadvinden operatively helps your company execute your new commercialisation and expansion strategy. We have documented experience of identifying sleeping business potential and releasing new revenue streams by applying new/repackaged offering solutions on new/underutilised markets in many industries and geographies.  We are helping mature companies as well as providers of new technologies or disruptive innovations crack the time-to-market nut. This entails helping companies speed up the customer-acquisition process in the critical commercialisation phase from early adopter to early majority, a vital process in all industries and geographies to reach larger target groups.


Passadvinden helps clients design and execute customer-adoption processes in the critical commercialisation phase from early adopter to early majority while launching new products or services solutions. We help companies with operational execution; pitching and selling to customer management, productification and packaging of new offering concepts, as well as training your organisation. We also write all necessary documentation; from the new business plan including its vision and story telling, to sales material and marketing frameworks.

Passadvinden’s “end-to-start”, Z to A (see Vision Driven Market Driving, Z to A™), approach consists of hands-on operational work together with your organisation. This way, we become your operative business realiser – advancing your business and organisation through operational execution excellence.