What is Passadvinden?

Your operative partner to access new business, fast, secure and at a low cost.

Passadvinden is an exclusive operative business development boutique, based in Stockholm, Sweden, but operating globally on behalf of clients.

Passadvinden, The Operative Business Realiser, delivers a unique service that cross-bridges the gap between traditional management consultants and your company's existing organization who often lacks time and experience to create and sell disruptive business concepts in a competitive and conservative customer environment.

Traditional management consultants normally analyse their client's present business opportunities by benchmarking industries and extrapolating the existing market, and then advice business leaders what to do. Management consultants rarely execute their suggestions operationally.

Passadvinden operationally executes to open your new strategic business, based on finding your customers' real needs, and then delivering innovative solutions, in one flow.

Based on our clients' core competencies and existing assets, Passadvinden releases new revenue and higher margins by creation, test, initial sales and wider launch of innovative customer offerings. Innovative from our clients' customers' point of view. We do this as insourced operative managers. 

The Operative Business Realiser builds innovative customer offerings, Z to A (not A to Z), starting with shaping the customer offering vision. Then we sell the vision and, later, the ready offering concept to the customer top management together with our client's organization and train them how to sell and deliver it, too ("On-line" training for the organisation). 

Your gains working with Passadvinden: As a client of Passadvinden your company gains speed, operational security and lower costs for accessing new business. A lower cost of lost opportunity for reaching a new business segment or geographical market faster is obvious. You get an experienced specialist for the mission and you do not loose current business by detaching your own top resources from their current tasks. Since you need to involve few other resources, also direct costs are kept at a minimum.