Innovation to Strategic Business and Strategic Business to Innovation

What are your challenges and needs? Different types of clients that are benefiting from Passadvinden’s services and expertise include: Market leading companies, Innovation companies and Owners; Private Equity, Buy-out and Venture capitalists, as well as Industrial investors.

Read below and in related links about challenges and how Passadvinden can operatively support your company to more and better business.

Market leading companies
Market leading companies wanting to activate sleeping opportunities and activate new, preferably recurring, revenue streams. Often, they turn to Passadvinden for operative help to reinvent themselves by moving from a product- to a services-focused business model, thereby needing a revised strategy, a new commercialisation and expansion plan as well as help with operationally executing the new way forward.

“In short, David provides break through ways of working and is very efficient, he achieves in half the time what it takes several of us a much longer time to do, if we can do it at all”

Antti Forstadius, Nokia Headquarters, Helsinki

Innovation companies
We are helping many inventors or research scientists, who have developed a unique and beneficial product, service or technology, needing strategical and operational assistence to commercialise their innovation. Passadvinden helps innovators through all steps of commercialisation; Finding the correct business idea, creation of a formal business plan to be able to attract potential investors, complete customer offering development and helping them sell to high level customers, often in large corporations.

Creating, and most important operatively executing, new business is a necessity but a difficult task in all industries. David Ericksson has the unique and charismatic skill to successfully formulate, package and execute new business strategies both externally and internally"

Tom Francke, CEO, XCounter 

Owners; Private Equity, Venture, Buyout Capitalists and Industrial Investors
Venture and Buyout capitalists often need help to speed up the return on their investments by restructuring a company they have bought into. This often includes a repackaging of the portfolio companies´ customer offerings in order to reach improved commercial and financial results faster with minimal additional investments required.

Investors sometimes need an evaluation of potential investments from a market and sales perspective, including the best possible approach to participate in a financial deal. Also, it could involve investors wanting a second opinion of an analysis provided by a third party.

”In our network, we have many experienced cost cutters, industry specialists and corporate leaders, however operative business expanders like David Ericksson are very rare to find”

Gerard de Geer, IK Investment Partners, Stockholm