Passadvinden is operatively helping market leading industrial companies as well as innovation companies to find and explore their core to catch new successful business.

Read about what we did and how we did it, to get inspiration and see how Passadvinden can help your company to drive new, more profitable business.

At a personal meeting we will show you more details and magnitude of the achievements we have reached for our clients, as well as more examples from other companies and industries. Book a personal meeting with David Ericksson,, to discuss how we can drive new business for your company.

Examples of missions performed:
Maintain leadership: Business re-engineering in a 70 year old global leader in Heavy Industrial Equipment
Diversify global leader: Exploring core technology to other industries for leading telecom device manufacturer
Commercialise world class innovation on behalf of private equity owners: From Start-up to industry specialist in innovative technology for the Med-tech industry