Diversify global telecom leader

Exploring core consumer technology in industrial applications

Passadvinden´s client wanted to explore consumer technology in Industrial applications. 

The mission: Create a go to market strategy including new sales channels and product concepts. 

Solution: A new Eco system, sales channels for various industries and a universal technology platform (Hardware & Software) was needed. Passadvinden created a base technology platform concept, suitable for several industrial segment´s need and technical interfaces, together with the R&D unit. We designed, packaged and priced the base technology concept to be able to serve targeted industrial verticals. We created sales channels via system integrators and middleware companies. 

To test the new concept we “On-line” ran a channel development test with a US-based med-tech middleware company. From the experiences gained from this channel development test, Passadvinden wrote a “white book” as a general template for channel building, to be used by my client´s market & sales organisation for channel establishment in other industry verticals. 

Achievements: Establishment of a new sales channel to reach industrial target groups:

  • Lower capital expenditure by utilizing existing production lines
  • A new business area packaged (Later sold to external investors)