Innovation companies

Challenges for Innovation companies: Market acceptance of disruptiveness, financing and weak organisational resources  

Innovation often tend to have the character of “a solution in search of a problem” before it has found its correct business idea, get properly packaged and sold. On the road to commercial success there are several strategic and operational issues to solve:  

Strategical and operational challenges for leaders and owners of Innovation companies:
The innovation has “too many” possibilities, which of them represent a correct commercial potential and what should be the business idea?

How to separate the entities; inventor, product and the company?

How to finance the various steps of the expansion?  

How do we reach the suitable buyer of our disruptive offering?

How to structurise and execute the commercial and organizational work?

Driving an innovation to commercial success is a delicate work from an organizational point of view since it requires a complex set of experience and skills of a kind which few people possess. Typically people with experience from large companies lack understanding of the innovation company conditions and are not versatile enough without a big support organisation, which small innovation companies do not have. On the other hand, innovators and people with small company background often lack skills and experience to meet and handle large company customer organisations, particularly at management level, which is imperative to master if you want to launch disruptive, innovative products or services. Experience of commercial packaging and communication of offerings is of course a key element.  

Another key area to master is financing in several steps. To obtain the right financing the Innovation Company at all times need to have a solidly updated attractive business plan and the competence to present the plan, visions and stories to potential investors.

The fast, innovative and secure solution to Innovation Companies’ needs: Passadvinden, The Operative Business Realiser is launching innovations packaged as unique offering solutions to open new, or radically change established markets in different industries. David Ericksson has special skills, long experience and proven track record in packaging and selling innovative technology as commercial enablers rather than just "plain technology". This is giving his clients the chance to break through and charge premium prices for customer offerings based on their disruptive innovation.  

All inclusive: Since innovation companies lack the structure of a mature company and their leaders sometimes are less commercially experienced, another vital function of the Operative Business Realiser is to reinforce management, i.e. to work in pair with the CEO to give direct support in general management, organizational issues, offering creation, sales to C-level and other commercial issues including high level customer and partner negotiations.  

Qualified documentation, from creation of complete business plans, including vision descriptions, stories and verbal presentations, to marketing frameworks is of course also part of Passadvinden’s service.  

In summary The Operative Business Realiser is your ideal insourced partner to bring your Innovation Company to commercial success. Welcome to an initial personal meeting with David Ericksson