Market leading companies

Main challenges for market leading companies: Maintain growth and margins while keeping competition behind. 

The fundamental challenge of a market leader is to constantly deliver on your brand promises, i.e. to maintain leadership. However to raise margins, extend scope of sale and be sure to stay ahead as customers' needs change and to keep competition behind, market leaders need to create brand reinforcement and market extension. Brand extension and reinforcement spell innovative customer offerings, offerings beyond technology, preferably delivered as services. Innovation, as expected from a leader, but in a new formate.

Sales of beyond technology offerings is:
  oPurchase decision can be taken outside investment budgets and often outside investment committees
•Less price sensitive/exposed
  o No direct comparison with competitors’ solutions
•Bypasses the customers need of financing
  o Included in the service

Delivering beyond technology offerings gives:
• Recurring revenues
• Long planning horizons
• Closer customer contact

Read why and how below 

An innovative way to innovative customer offerings: Passadvinden often helps companies to meet their challenges by building and launching innovative customer offerings, innovative from your customers’ point of view.  We call them “Beyond technology” offerings; Simply put, offerings that fills gaps of competence and skills in the customer’s business process chain. Competence gap filling is seldom a matter of launching new hard and software, but offering and getting paid for conveying your customer critical know-how.

Beyond technology offerings are often fast and cheap to develop and launch. They are built from your existing products and solutions, complemented with a few necessary elements and services. You do not have to wait for slow development of new hardware and software from your own development department.

If your business is investment goods, an even better idea is to rebuild the total offering to a complete service and stop selling “investments”. This way you avoid waiting for the customer's investment cycles and "cash crunch". Complete services bring real value for the customer and you grasp a bigger part of the value chain. Services also build long time recurring revenues for your company and block out competitors, since you redefine the market space.  

Fast and secure competence and operative capacity to make it happen. When you need it! Passadvinden helps you, insourced in your organisation, to operatively run market expansion projects around strategic business opportunities Z to A. We create and sell the innovative offerings to your customers and train your organization how to sell and deliver in a new way.

See schematic description of a situation and how such a project can evolve in a global company, MyCompany. Welcome to discuss how Passadvinden can help you.