How an expansion project materialises

A project creating a new customer offering concept should be driven by MyCompany Headquarters, for three reasons:

Firstly: Headquarters sees with an "outside" view where the opportunities are and where the market development process is too slow

Secondly: The local organization or subsidiary, including the management there, often struggle to create radical business model changes because:
a. They have a long established relationship, often at a too low level of the customer organisation
b. They have limited time and capacity to drive radical business change, because of too much "everyday work" and daily profit targets to meet
c. Sometimes the local management has difficulties to be innovative enough, since they often have worked long in the industry, and with the customer, and therefore can be locked in some dogma or "industry-truths."

Thirdly: The solution lies in the Passadvinden approach, where we work operationally with business concept and model changes inside the subsidiaries, using a business card from top management (with a “neutral” title) at MyCompany Headquarters". This means that together with the subsidiary we can take a new approach when we want to introduce innovative offerings to the top management in the customer organisation, the only level who is interested and able to decide about business model changes.

Using the methodology above enables us to show that the case is a top priority for MyCompany Headquarters, which flatters the customer and increases the desire to cooperate. It further means performing the actual change work locally and thus simultaneously train and support the subsidiary's staff in their own business environment. Leading the project from the headquarters also provides the opportunity to bring back the experience and later spread it in other regions.

The service provided by Passadvinden, "The Operative Business Realiser", operational development of your strategic business opportunities, is unique.

It includes all the necessary elements, from strategic analysis and vision description, offering development including building necessary partner eco-system together with your business and product management, selling to selected customers and training of management and staff in the new approach. I.e. taking your commercial organisation to the next level.

Passadvinden will be present in the project until it takes off, hence complementing and driving existing organization in order to obtain adequate concept innovation and business model changes to materialize, fast enough.