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Challenges for owners and investment organisations: Make visible and explore the full commercial potential of the portfolio company (PC). Speedy operational business development.

To make the portfolio company come to its full right as a company, and for the owners to get the maximum value at an exit, it is important to demonstrate the full business potential in the form of possible topline growth and high margins, at any given time.

This means that the PC in a short time range, in addition to ongoing business, needs to conceptualise and repackage existing technology as well as development projects into innovative customer offerings, sell them to strategic customers and bring home new "high profile orders” which proves new sales potential. In addition, a sales and marketing organisation capable of  selling innovate customer offerings shall be created and trained.
In a reasonable time perspective, all of above forms a complex task that few CEOs and management teams have the capacity and competence to run in parallel with driving the rest of the company forward.  

Pre-investment challenges for investors
• We are able to calculate the cost saving potential, but what is the real business potential out of the core assets or technologies?
• We are comfortable with the current figures, but what is the potential of the business organization?  

Owners sometimes need assistance to evaluate both the potential core and the capabilities of the commercial organization in which they intend to invest.  

Portfolio company challenges for owners
• Business does not take off, even though we have done all the operational efficiency actions and cost savings. I.e. what more support than financial engineering do the owners need to bring?
• How to enable our PC CEO to launch innovative customer offerings out of the existing core, faster?
Most investment organisations are based on members from either the financial sector or very senior “ex-CEO:s”, meaning they have limited possibilities to give direct operative support PC management, particularly not in development and sales of  innovative customer offerings in and around the customer interface.  

The innovative, fast and secure operative support to Portfolio Companies and Owners:

Pre-investment: Passadvinden since 25 years lives and breathes the operative business development interface in many industries and can help you asses the most important asset, the revenue generation side of your portfolio company (to be).  

Post-investment: Passadvinden, The Operative Business Realiser adds necessary capacity and competence to operatively support your CEO to create and sell innovative customer offerings in a conservative customer and internal environment. And train the PC organisation to sell and deliver them, too. See The Operative Business Realiser™

Welcome to a personal meeting to discuss how Passadvinden operatively can support your investment organisation and PC CEO.