Fast, integrated & seamless service

Through its broad experience from multiple industries, Passadvinden quickly gains understanding of the needs of your company, business partners as well as end-users/customers. We do not just build and sell unique solutions catching new and more profitable business opportunities. We also make sure that all aspects of your organisation – people, internal processes and technology – are fully aligned with the new business strategy. Insourced in your organisation we operatively advance your business through a comprehensive solution to redirect your company according to a clear vision of what the customer and market needs, following our proven concept Vision Driven Market Driving, Z to A™.

Our “start-to-finish” offering seamlessly integrates three steps and their consecutive documentation:

Step 1: Commercialisation & Expansion Strategy Development
Step 2: Productification & Service Offering Design
Step 3: Operational Execution & Change Management 

Passadvinden’s ability to integrate the three steps into a seamless services package ensures that your company gets access to proven solutions that create and sustain a real competitive advantage faster and more cost effectively – no matter which industry or geography you operate in.

Also, we can, of course, deliver each individual step separately.