Stop being driven Drive market with innovative customer offerings

Time to leave being driven - Start driving

Up to the 80-ties companies were often Technology-driven. Today it is a dead end. Customers require products in a useful context.
Being technology driven is a risky strategy for a vendor since hardware and software can easily be copied. Further it is difficult to get paid for premium end products since “everyone” has access to reasonably good technology today.

Being Market-driven, a mantra used by many companies since the 80-ties, i.e. deliver what the customer requests, does not give your company a unique position either. The customers rarely overview all aspects of their own business process, hence they are unable to request what they really need.

For your company the only likely outcome of being market-driven is that the customers will request what is already on the market, i.e. put price pressure on you and your competitors for similar, conventional solutions.

To change your operational mode to Market Driving you need to develop innovative customer solutions and proactively sell them too, since your customers have difficulties to request them. Driving market is the task of a modern vendor, a true partner.

Passadvinden operatively helps you drive market. We package your vision, build the innovative offerings and proactively sell it to your customers. We call it Vision Driven Market Driving, Z to A™, see below

Passadvinden builds offerings and solutions that are innovative from your customer’s point of view, i.e fills competence and skills gaps in their business process. Filling skills gaps for customers are seldom a matter of new products, but conveying your know-how innovatively packaged, often as services.

The beauty of Vision Driven Market Driving, Z to A ™, is that it builds on your industry knowledge and assets. So it is faster and cost significantly less than conventional customer offering development. In short, a new way to drive more business out of your existing assets and organisation, for your more profitable common future together with your customers.

Passadvinden drives new and more profitable business, Z to A, for your company. Check out the detailed reasons for starting driving market Z to A.

Let's get together to discuss how we operatively can help you release your new business, Z to A (Starting with formulating your vision).