The reasons for Market Driving, Z to A (Not A to Z)

Driving your market gives your company the business initiative, redefines the market space and hence blocks competition. Revenue increases and margins get higher. Revenues increase because of the larger scope and higher value of your delivery, and since directly comparable competitive offerings are not available you avoid price pressure. Margins rise since you can exclude unnecessary components and associated cost while building, producing and delivering your solution the right way, Z to A.

A vendor, who seriously wants to be an important partner to their customers, needs to proactively offer the future today. This has to be done before the customer defines the game and invites everyone, including your competitors, to offer a solution to their perceived needs.

Reactive vendors will create both unhappy customers and vendors; A solution directly specified by the customer will not be satisfactory for the customer, since the customers rarely overview their own real needs.

The vendor being reactive to customers’ specifications can only end with three things, if they get the business:
1. Price pressure since your competitors will provide similar solutions
2. Difficulties and extra costs in your production and delivery process, since the customer will specify particularities, not suiting you.

3.Unhappy customers, searching for new partners for next generation offerings

Learn from successful innovative businessmen Henry Ford and Steven Jobs who proactively proposed unique solutions without waiting for customer specifications:

•“If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse”
Quote by Henry Ford
•What market research went in to the iPad? “None, it is not the consumers job to know what they want” Quote by Steve Jobs

Passadvinden can apply innovative, proactive thinking to help your company driving new business in your field.

Working from Z to A. As an expert in your field you should drive business from your customer and offering vision, Z. Outside - in, Z to A. If you start at A (which most of us have been taught since childhood) you will most probably involve unnecessary steps and components that not are adding value, but will make the process slow and costly, for you. So, present your plan of a common future for each of your customers, start with your vision, Z.

Vision Driven Market Driving™ (VDMD™) is the business methodology developed by Passadvinden to help our clients to become market driving. Check the fundamental components and details at VDMD™