Passadvinden uses the methodology Vision Driven Market Driving™, VDMD™ to leverage your company’s unique assets and your superior knowledge of your client's business process, to create and deliver innovative customer offerings to drive your new and more profitable business. In short, a faster and cost efficient way to drive more business out of your existing assets and organisation.

Let Passadvinden introduce VDMD™ around your strategic business opportunities and challenges. 

The cornerstones of VDMD™ are:

Innovative unique customer solutions
•A proactive business culture
•A smarter way to produce and deliver unique customer solutions in a cost efficient manner.

Read about each of the components of VDMD™ below:

Innovative unique customer offerings
What is an innovative customer solution in the eyes of the customer? Simply put, it is a solution that fills a gap of competence (or other need) in the customer’s business process chain. The more of this gap the vendor can fill, the more valuable your offering will be to the customer. Competence gap filling is seldom a matter of “new” (disruptively new) hardware and software, but rather conveying your specific know-how packaged into useful services, accompanied by an attractive business model.

Innovative offerings become very valuable to the customer since they meet real needs. To you as vendor developing innovative offerings can be much cheaper and quicker than ordinary customer offering developments since you do not have to invest in expensive and slow conventional product development. It is often a matter of rearranging already existing assets (Know-how, products and services) and to modify the business model.

A proactive business culture
Selling innovative ideas and offerings, particularly if they include a new business model,
requires a new attitude and new ways to approach your customer:
Be proactive! Propose your way before you get customer requirements imposed on you. Proactiveness is crucial in development of unique offerings, customised project sales as well as in sales of "retail products"
•If you wait until the customers come to you with their specification or request for quotation you have lost your freedom, uniqueness and possibility to charge for the full value your solution brings. By waiting for customer requests, there is a high risk that you receive low margin "bad business".
•Proactively hunting for “good business”, the business you want, will increase your profitability. “Bad” business will only fill your production capacity blocking possibilities to deliver good business

Apply top-down, multi-level penetration of your customer organisation. Always start your selling process at the customer C-level, CEO and management team, the only level that can appreciate and decide about changing their business process. All other levels, particularly technical, are seldom willing to buy-in radical change
•Most companies do not sell to the top first, and fail to communicate the real value of an innovative offering.
•Do not involve lower organisational levels until the customer management have received and understood your commercial message.

Lower levels in the customer hierarchy, particularly technical, will fight against new services and business models since they jeopardize their authority and their own jobs.

A smarter way to develop, produce and deliver unique customer solutions in a cost efficient manner, Z to A

Own the customer solution vision, customer relation and the money stream, Z to A. You cannot be an expert in all fields necessary to develop and deliver an innovative customer offering, but:
•The complementing and necessary additional products and services, building the unique enhanced offering, can be invented and produced by subcontractors on the initiative of your company, if you own the business initiative

An example from B2C that very well can be applied to B2B is how Apple built their unique Iphone concept to a success from a very strong customer vision. They used a fairly mediocre hardware platform, added a clever business model and external resources of expertise to produce and invent neccesary components and services of the concept.

Build the offering/solution Z to A (not A to Z)
Build and display your vision of the complete end-solution outside - in, including an alternative business model where you
•Start at Z, the vision of your ultimate customer offering and build your way backwards to delivery, A. This approach means that you only need to use the components that add value and can exclude unnecessary steps and components, which the customers do not appreciate anyway and only add cost, for your company 
•Sell the true value, your know-how, to get paid for the full value you bring to the customer process. Make sure you do not give away that value for free.

Frequently product companies give away knowledge for free to get the product sold. Hardwares and Softwares can be copied, whereas concepts and complete services are difficult to copy and bring recurring revenues, to your company

Vision Driven Market Driving, Z to A™ – Passadvinden helps you build the unique business future for your company and your customer